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Welcome to the MidSouth Virtual Business Network.  My name is Bryan Watson and I built this site while furloughed with rehiring during the COVID quarantine.  My intention of building this site is stated below.  I also hope to see some fruit from this site will be to restore more sight in the MidSouth. I am honored to the executive director of The Surgical Eye Care Foundation.  When its time to support Golf, Wine, and Bowing for Sight I hope you will consider being a sponsor or just make a tax-deductible donation.  Events Link.  Donation Link.

The MidSouth Virtual Business Network is a regional virtual hub. The vision of this network is to make it easier for MidSouth Business to network with each other. MidSouth consumers, please see our directory to find local MidSouth business you’re looking for. This site includes a free job posting board to help attract new talent, If you below to a Professional Business Network, please add your network to our directory and look for members in our directory that could fill any open seats you currently have. This site is for you! All services are free of charge.

*We highly recommend your join a professional business network please see our Professional Business Network category in our Directory. 

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